I am a freelance video Director and Editor with over 15 years experience working in the digital industry. I have considerable experience working with some of the world's biggest brands and have played an integral role in creating and managing video content for many major digital campaigns.
I have worked across several areas of the industry from cinema and TV adverts to music videos, feature length documentaries, short films and web content.
I seek to create and adhere to a cohesive style aesthetic, always with a view to create visually appealing work that values the importance of brand identity as well as subject matter.

Technically, my main skills include editing and grading on all major platforms (primarily Premiere) , motion design using After Effects & 3D integration and also sound design.

As a self shooting director, I have overseen the creation of several notable works and have provided for large and small clients alike. Having worked closely with a team of producers, I have first hand knowledge of the challenges of pre-production and have accumulated experience in solving any issues that might present themselves.
I work for any national or international clients, either remotely or on site, mainly in London, Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Salisbury and the South England in general.

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